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Hi, Dear Fitness Enthusiasts

Welcome to my Health and Fitness Advice Website – Catalin Fitness Coaching!

You might feel lost and ask yourself questions like

-what healthy foods should I eat?

-how many sets should I perform?

-how many times a week should I even be working out?

-or maybe I should just take that miracle supplement that melts the fat right off?

-if I work really hard for 3 months will I get biceps like Arnold?

I always say” Go hard or go home” life is too short to get caught up into details. It is important to start doing something and to do it now!

Start improving yourself, improve your health, your body and your mind-like the ancient Greeks used to say ”Mens sana in corpore sano”-healthy mind in a healthy body.

In the fitness industry there is a lot of BS- don’t fall for it, don’t believe everything you read. Use you mind, listen to your body and select only what your instinct tells you is right.

I’m here to say it as it is whether you like it or not. Nobody can work out for you, nobody can eat healthy for you; Nobody is responsible for your life but you. So take control over your life and get fit!

Whether you are mom that gained too much weight after birth, a corporate guy that sits  in front of the computer all day, or a skinny kid that wants to build muscle but has no idea how-if this is you, than yes, I am talking to you. This is why I have created Catalin Fitness Coaching. As a fitness trainer I’ve helped people like you before lose fat, gain muscle, be awesome and it’s not too late to start.

So you want to get fit? To look better? Get healthy? Be in control? Than just make your first move-go out for a jog or walk, or go for a swim, or a hike, or go to the gym and lift weights! And if you do it you’ll be a champ, a winner! And I will be your fitness coach, taking you through every aspect of healthy lifestyle.

Just ask for my help. 

I am passionate about fitness and I am here to fight the BS that is omnipresent in the Fitness industry. I’ll answer your questions if you feel lost, I’ll teach you how to eat right, how to cook nutritious and delicious meals-you’ll find some recipes here that that you can use when you are out of ideas. Also I’ll give you workout tips and ideas which will boost your motivation and self esteem.

On my blog I’ll try my best to bring updates about nutrition, workout plans, grocery shopping done right and healthy lifestyle.

If you are not sure about something and/or feel like you’re stuck, you can reach me by filling my Contact Me form- please keep your email short and I’ll answer it at my earliest convenience.

So dear fitness freaks, again welcome to my fitness website and my advice to you is open up your mind, take action and be in control of your life. And remember-those weights won’t lift themselves!

In Health, Catalin

Disclaimer: - Check with your doctor before beginning any fitness program to avoid/reduce the risk of injury.
Perform these exercises at your own risk. Catalin will not be responsible or liable for any injury sustained
as a result of using any fitness program presented and/or discussed on this website.

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